Morgan County Bail Bonds

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Rod Hawkins, owner of Bail America, a Colorado bonding company, has been providing Morgan County Bail Bonds to our clients for many years.

A person being arrested and detained in the Morgan County jail will either be given a preset bond by the jail or will have to wait to see a Judge to have a bond set. The Court takes into consideration the severity of the charges, prior criminal history and other factors that are needed to determine the bond amount. Once the bond has been set, Rod will work with you and your family to get bond posted and get your family member or friend released as soon as possible. Our bond(s) will remain active until closed by the Court.

Morgan District or County Court

400 Warner Street
Fort Morgan, CO 80701
(970) 542-3435

Morgan County Jail

801 E. Beaver
Fort Morgan, CO 80701
(970) 542-3455